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Doula Services

Birth can be transformational & empowering. One of the most important elements to the success of your homebirth, is a care team that supports you & will advocate for you.... that's where a doula can help.

What is a doula?

In latin, the word DOULA means 'servant', and that is precisely what we do. We serve our birthing families so that they feel supported, safe, educated and empowered. As your doula, here are some things you can expect through your pregnancy and birth:

  • Provide education and planning support for your homebirth

  • Provide evidence based support throughout your pregnancy & birth

  • Help you to develop a birth plan

  • Help you to understand your decisions throughout your birth and help you to advocate for those choices

  • Offer emotional and physical support

  • Teach your partner how to offer emotional and physical support 

  • Offer support to your partner when needed

  • Suggest different positions, techniques and tools to help labor progress

  • Teach you how to breathe, relax and remain free of fear or anxiety

  • Offer a variety of comfort measures 

  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances, I can help explain what is happening and explain your choices

  • I am your 'birth keeper'. I keep your birth environment safe and uninterrupted so that you can focus on birthing your baby



What a doula is NOT...

Infant Legs

How can you be my doula & also my videographer at the same time?

First you must understand that it's not like the camera is rolling 24/7 during the birth. Second, you have to remember that most births last for an average of 8 hours, 5 or less for those super fast ones, so a fraction of that time is spent actually filming. For the entirety of your birth, I can/will offer support regardless if there is a camera in my hand or not, however most of my time is spent with my camera at my side.  There is a lot of down time in births and there is a lot of monotony that can take place before the birth actually happens. Its in those moments that I will pick up the camera to film. I like to get the birth partner as involved in the birth as possible, which also gives me opportunities to catch moments of the couple together. When the birth actually starts to happen, this is when the other birth staff have to step in (remember, I don't deliver the baby), which then allows me the time to capture the event with video. This does NOT mean I am no longer supporting mom, and in fact there have been times where I am offering verbal and physical support to mom with one hand and videoing with my other. I also bring equipment that allows me to set up my camera in the event I truly am not capable of supporting and videoing at the same time

(though this has never happened). 

One of the greatest benefits of having a doula that can also capture your birth, is that you no longer have to battle with who you want in your birth environment, which you will want to keep as intimate as possible. As a doula-videographer combo, you are eliminating the need for a second person. Sounds like a win-win to me!

If your still not convinced, why don't you schedule a consult so I can personally address any questions and concerns you still have. 

  • A doula does not take the place of your birth partner (unless of course that is what you are looking for). My motto is that if there is something I can be doing to support mom physically or emotionally, I will set up the birth partner to do so first. It is scientifically proven that having your partner close to you in birth can make your labor shorter and more relaxing. 

  • A doula does not deliver your baby or do vaginal exams.

  • A doula does not speak for you. Instead, I will teach you how to speak for yourself and can help remind you of your choices or answer questions when you feel lost or confused.

  • A doula cannot promise a pain-freebirth. That is all up to YOU, but the right doula can help you to learn relaxation techniques and offer comfort measures so that you feel more calm and steady. 

  • A doula DOES NOT only support births. Even if you have only hired a labor doula, they are a support system in your prenatal and postpartum periods. There are lactation doulas, post partum/sleep specialist doulas, bereavement and loss doulas etc. If you are in need of a specialty doula, please reach out for my personal recommendations. 

  • Just because she is a doula, does not mean she is the right doula. It's important you make sure you and your doula are a good fit, and that she believes in the same practices and goals as you do. Interview a few doulas before making your final decision. 

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